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Published on: August 29, 2011

Ceiling Fan Instructions
for Proper Installation and Usage

Proper ceiling fan instructions can help you make the most out of your ceiling fan and also keep your investment properly maintained. The performance, longevity, and efficiency of your ceiling fan depends heavily on the proper use of your fan, so make sure you conscientiously follow usage instructions that come with your fan when you purchase it.

Ceiling fans can really cool and brighten up your home; this is why it is one of the bestselling types of home cooling appliances nowadays. Not only is it an effective and useful cooling appliance that can circulate air smoothly and cost-efficiently in your home, ceiling fans can also effortlessly bring an added charm to any room. But in order to access the great features of ceiling fans, you need to get through the installation process first. At this point, you could definitely use some help.

Instructions on Installing Ceiling Fans

The most important ceiling fan instructions you can use are installation instructions. Before you get started, remember to turn off the electrical system to prevent ***a***safety risks. Here are some general installation instructions for your fan.

First, choose a fan that fits your room. If the room is quite big, choose fans that have long blade spans. This way, the air movement will be more powerful and can cool the entire spacious room. If the room is small, look for those with shorter blade spans. If the room has a low ceiling, go for low profile models. Make sure that there is a minimum distance of 7 inches between your floor and your ceiling.

Second, prepare the electrical circuit connection for your fan. Ceiling fans don’t require a lot of electricity, so you don’t have to overload the connection. If you plan to operate a light fixture though, do add extra power for that.

Finally, you can move on to installing the fan itself. First, attach the junction box; you will need to create a hole on your ceiling that’s large enough to accommodate it. Once the junction box is in place, you then need to wire the fan up to your electrical system. After that, it’s all a matter of assembling the fan. Proper assembly procedures vary depending on your ceiling fan brand.

Hunter 25517 Summer Breeze – Flexibility in A Fan

If you place a premium on flexibility and want a fan that can be installed on practically any type of ceiling, then you must definitely go with Hunter. Hunter fans are known for one of Hunter’s best features, the Installer’s Choice 3-position mounting system, so you can choose from hanging, flush, or angled installation. This is further supported by triangular hanger-ball system to reduce torque movement.

After installation, the fan is made to perform with maximum stability, thanks to its Wobble-Free canopy. Not only is it flexible, easy to install, and stable, the 25517 Summer Breeze ceiling fan is a Hunter product, which means it comes with all the prestige and guarantee of the famous Hunter brand.

Other significant features include:

  • WhisperWind motor
  • Energy Star rating
  • 3-inch downrod for hanging installation
  • Forward and reverse movements
  • 5 52-inch blades

A clean modern design with a classic, timeless twist, the Hunter Summer Breeze is a delight to install, use, and look at.

Westinghouse 7871400 Contempra IV – Keeping A Low Profile

If you want a ceiling fan for your low-ceilinged room, you need a low profile one. Low profile ceiling fans hug your ceiling or are directly attached to it. Westinghouse offers a bunch of great low profile fans, which they call the “Hugger” series. Their top selling hugger mount fan today is the Contempra IV, another update to a well-received model. The Contempra IV, with its antique b ***a***rass body, as more to it than its classic traditional look. It comes with several great features such as:

  • 4 ribbed glass lights (choose from clear or frosted)
  • 5 52-inch blades
  • 153mm x 15mm cold-rolled steel motor with triple capacitor
  • 3 fan speeds
  • Forward and reverse operation for use in both cold and warm seasons
  • Reversible blades (choose from oak/walnut and dark cherry/walnut)

This is perfect for low-ceilinged rooms sized around 18×20 feet. To assist in your installation, Westinghouse throws in a 12-inch lead wire for good measure.

You and Your Ceiling Fan Manual

Once you’ve made an exciting ceiling fan purchase, you’re surely excited to unbox it and start using it. If you don’t have past experience in installing ceiling fans, though, it would be best if you take the time to read through your manual for important ceiling fan instructions. Your manual will guide you on how to properly install, use, and take advantage of all the features of your ceiling fan.

If a fan is ***a*** not properly installed, it can cause inconvenience, safety risks, and even the possibility of damaging the fan altogether. Thankfully, there are now fans that are quite easy to install and can be flexibly installed on various ceiling types. Nevertheless, it helps to check your manual every time you have a question about your ceiling fan.

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Hunter 28672  70" Castleton

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